From America To Canada: Our Case Study On Getting An Investor Visa

by | Jun 15, 2023

Are you an American company owner with dreams of expanding your business into Canada? Wondering if it’s possible to set up a business operation in Canada and transfer yourself and your family there on work permits? The answer is a resounding yes! In this case study, we will explore how we helped an American engineering company navigate the process of becoming established in Canada and securing work permits for the owner and their family through the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) investor program, now known as the CKUSMA (Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement) investor program.

Exploring Opportunities in Canada

The engineering company in question had been successfully operating in the United States. However, the company owner saw potential in expanding their business operations into Canada and wanted to pursue opportunities within the country’s borders. Naturally, they also wished to bring their family along on this new venture.

The Challenge: Owner, Not Employee

Typically, for these types of scenarios, the Intra-Company Transferee startup (ICT startup) program would be considered as an option. However, in this case, the ICT program was not applicable since the business owner was not an employee of the company. As the owner, they compensated themselves accordingly, making the ICT program unsuitable. However, there was still hope.

The NAFTA/CUSMA Investor Program

Since the business owner was a U.S. national, they became eligible to apply for a Canadian work permit under the NAFTA investor program, now known as the CUSMA investor program. This program, established within the international trade agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, offers immigration options for citizens of these three countries.

Meeting the Program Requirements

To proceed with the application, the business owner had to meet specific criteria outlined by the NAFTA/CUSMA investor program. The business and owner’s identity had to be either American or Mexican, with the owner holding majority ownership in the business. Additionally, they needed to demonstrate a substantial investment in Canada, although no specific monetary figure was set. The investment had to convince immigration authorities that the business owner genuinely intended to establish and operate a meaningful business in Canada, thereby deserving a work permit.

Crafting a Solid Application

Our client diligently fulfilled the requirements outlined by the program. They established a Canadian bank account dedicated to the business and deposited funds exclusively for business use. Furthermore, they prepared a comprehensive business plan, showcasing the potential for success in Canada. The plan included projections, evidence of the business’s capacity to sustain the owner while operating in Canada, and its ability to create opportunities for Canadians.

Bringing the Family Along

One of the significant advantages of the NAFTA/CUSMA investor program is the opportunity to bring family members to Canada. In this case, the business owner successfully secured an open spousal work permit for their spouse and study permits for their children. This comprehensive program allowed the entire family to accompany the business owner on their Canadian journey.

Making Your Business Dreams a Reality

If you’re a business owner with majority ownership in your American or Mexican company and hold an American or Mexican passport, the NAFTA/CUSMA investor program presents a viable option for establishing your business in Canada. Through this program, you can obtain work authorization for yourself and your family, even if you are not an employee of your business. This pathway opens doors to expansion and growth, enabling you to tap into new markets and opportunities.

Join Our Success Stories

Our case study on the American engineering company is just one example of how the NAFTA/CUSMA investor program can transform business aspirations into reality. We have successfully helped numerous business owners like you establish themselves in Canada, ensuring a seamless transition and a strong foundation for growth.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a prosperous future in Canada. The doors of opportunity are open, and we are here to guide you on your journey to success.


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