Helping An Indian Company Bring Senior Managers To Canada: A Case Study

by | Jun 21, 2023

In today’s globalised world, it is common for Canadian employers and multinational companies to transfer specialised knowledge workers to Canada. But what about employees at the senior managerial level? Can they also be transferred? The answer is a resounding yes. Companies have the ability to transfer senior managerial level workers to Canada under several immigration options, with one of the most common being the intra-company transferee program (ICT). In this case study, we will delve into how we successfully helped an Indian company bring senior managerial level workers to Canada.

Specialized Knowledge Workers: An Integral Component

Specialised knowledge workers play a vital role within international companies and multinational corporations. These workers possess an in-depth understanding and expertise in specific programs, software, tools, procedures, or processes that are proprietary to their employing company. They handle unique aspects that give their company a competitive advantage. When companies transfer employees to Canada, specialised knowledge workers are often the primary focus.

Transferring Senior Managerial Level Workers: Expanding the Possibilities

However, companies can also transfer employees at the senior managerial level to Canada. These individuals hold positions that require them to manage a team or oversee specific functions within the organisation. They may even be functional managers responsible for a specific department. Regardless, companies have the opportunity to transfer such employees to Canada through the intra-company transferee program (ICT).

The Intra-Company Transferee Program (ICT)

The ICT program allows for the transfer of not only specialised knowledge workers but also senior managerial level workers. It serves as an avenue for companies to bring their experienced leaders to Canada. To successfully transfer senior managerial level employees, companies must fulfil certain criteria:

  1. Length of Employment: Employees must have been in the company’s employment for at least one year.
  1. Senior Managerial Experience: Employees must have an extended period of experience performing duties at a senior managerial level within the organisation and the industry.
  1. Difficult-to-Find Expertise: The company must demonstrate that the senior managerial employees possess expertise and experience that is hard to find within Canada.

Case Study: Assisting an Indian Company

We currently assist an Indian company in bringing senior managerial level workers to Canada. The goal is to enable these employees to manage their teams or functional departments within the Canadian organisation. Typically, these senior managers are granted an initial three-year work permit, which could be renewed for another two years. Furthermore, they have the option to extend their work permits for an additional two years, allowing for a total period of seven years. This extension of two years beyond the standard duration for specialised knowledge workers showcases the recognition of the value brought by senior managerial expertise.


Assisting an Indian company in bringing senior managerial level workers to Canada has been a rewarding experience. Through the utilisation of the intra-company transferee program (ICT), we facilitate the seamless transfer of employees who possess specialised knowledge and invaluable senior managerial skills. Companies looking to bring their senior managers to Canada can leverage the ICT program to navigate the immigration process successfully. With our expertise and guidance, we are dedicated to helping companies achieve their goals of international talent mobility and fostering growth in the Canadian market.


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