Hundreds of Specialized Workers Brought to Canada: Our Case Study

by | Jun 29, 2023

In this case study, we will share how we successfully assist a Canadian employer to bring hundreds of specialised knowledge workers to Canada under the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) program.

Understanding Specialized Knowledge Workers

A specialised knowledge worker is an employee with a deep understanding of a specific product, tool, or procedure within your organisation. Their expertise is so unique that it is challenging to find individuals outside of your company or even within Canada who can perform the required tasks. These workers possess knowledge of your proprietary tools, products, or procedures, which could include specialised software developed exclusively by your company.

Our Approach: Bringing Proprietary Knowledge to Canada

We have helped our Canadian employer bring employees to Canada who possess proprietary knowledge. These workers were sourced from branches of the company located outside of Canada. They had been working in those branches, utilising proprietary tools, including various software developed by the company. Their close familiarity with these tools was gained through their work on client projects.

Leveraging Expertise in Canada

The Canadian employer needed to bring these specialised knowledge workers to Canada to utilise their expertise in servicing contracts with Canadian clients. Thanks to the employees’ proprietary knowledge and advanced expertise, the employer successfully brought them to Canada as specialised knowledge workers.

The Value of Advanced Expertise

Advanced expertise goes beyond familiarity with specific tools. It encompasses in-depth knowledge of the industry, operating within its unique space, and effectively utilising specialised tools within that environment. Such expertise is not readily available within Canada, making it even more valuable. Employers seeking to bring specialised knowledge workers to Canada must ensure their workers possess both advanced expertise and proprietary knowledge.

Success Story: Supporting Canadian Operations

The Canadian employer we work with effectively leverages the opportunity to bring hundreds of specialised knowledge workers to Canada. This allows them to provide essential support to their Canadian clients. These foreign workers arrived in Canada on work permits approved under the ICT Program as specialised knowledge workers.


The case study above demonstrates the viability of bringing large volumes of specialised knowledge workers to Canada through the ICT Program. By capitalising on proprietary knowledge and advanced expertise, Canadian employers can enhance their operations and better serve their Canadian clients. This program offers a valuable option for employers seeking to tap into a pool of specialised talent to support their Canadian endeavours.


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