Canada Airport Questions: What To Expect

by | Jan 5, 2021

If you are planning to travel to Canada, there are certain questions that you can expect to be asked at the airport by the Canadian border services officer or the Canadian immigration officer. 

Purpose Of The Airport Questions

The Canadian immigration authorities will want to know that admitting you into Canada will not pose any risk or harm to Canadian society. They also ask questions to ascertain that the need to admit you into Canada outweighs any potential negative impact that may occur from your admission into Canada.

Hence, the Canadian immigration authorities will ask you questions to try to determine whether or not you should be allowed into the country. Basically, that is usually the aim of the airport questions. 

Questions To Confirm Your Identity

One of the questions that you can expect will relate to your identity. The immigration officer will ask questions to find out who you are and who you are visiting in Canada. 

In addition, you are likely to be asked questions to ascertain whether you have any particular inadmissibility issues such as a previous criminal record that may potentially prevent you from being admitted into Canada. Similarly, the immigration officer will also inquire about who you are visiting in Canada. 

Questions To Confirm Your Reason For Travel

The Canadian immigration officer will most likely then proceed to ask questions to confirm why you are visiting Canada and your purpose in the country. For instance, if you are travelling to Canada as a tourist, it is important that you remain truthful about your purpose for travel. Providing false reasons such as stating that you are travelling for work may potentially pose a problem to you. 

In other words, if the purpose of your visit is different from the actual purpose for which the visa was issued, you could possibly be denied entry into Canada. Therefore, it is crucial that you ensure that you are honest when responding to questions concerning your purpose for travel, and generally all questions asked by the Canadian immigration officer. The questions on who, why, when, and what are correlated, and you must ensure that your answers are truthful. 


If you are travelling to Canada as a tourist, it is advisable and in your best interests to have a return flight ticket. This would enable you to show the immigration officer that you really have an intention to return to your home country when your time in Canada expires. 

In a nutshell, the Canadian immigration officer is likely going to ask you questions concerning your identity, purpose for travel and other related questions when you arrive at the airport in Canada. Hence, you will need to be prepared.  

What To Do When Faced With Issues

In case there are issues that could potentially cause an immigration officer to deny you entry into Canada, you will need the services of an immigration lawyer to prepare a special package that you will need to take with you and present to the officer upon arrival in Canada. 

The special package explains the potential issues there might be to the immigration officer thereby minimizing the likelihood of the officer not allowing you to enter and remain in Canada. 

Let Us Help

We are available and happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the questions to expect to be asked by Canadian immigration authorities upon arrival at the airport in Canada.

Should you have any issues that may potentially cause the immigration officer to deny you entry into Canada, we are here to assist you prepare a special package to help you avoid issues at the airport upon arrival in Canada.

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