Choosing Your Immigration Lawyer

by | Sep 20, 2020

As immigration lawyers, we are often asked by clients and prospective clients about choosing your immigration lawyer and how to verify Canadian immigration lawyers’ credentials. These concerns are occasionally raised by clients and prospective clients who have been duped in the past, or those who simply have questions concerning the issue or those who just don’t know for sure which lawyers are licensed or otherwise.

Often, clients and prospective clients seem to be unaware of how they might go about verifying the credentials of their Canadian immigration lawyer. Many of the clients who raise these questions have had bad experiences in the past with Canadian immigration consultants. Their main concern seems to be how they can ascertain whether a lawyer they intend to hire for legal representation is actually licensed. 

Immigration services in Canada are offered primarily by lawyers. However, they are also offered by immigration consultants. It is important to note that immigration consultants are not lawyers. They are practitioners who are governed by a different regulatory body.

What Are The Requirements For A Lawyer to Practice In Canada?

In choosing your immigration lawyer, there are requirements that must be met for lawyers to be duly qualified to practice across Canada. One key requirement that must be met is that a lawyer has to be licensed by the licensing body in the province in which that lawyer is operating.

In the case of Gooselaw Immigration, our law firm is located in the province of Ontario; the same province within which the city of Toronto is located. Therefore, we are regulated by the Law Society of Ontario. 

Is My Lawyer Licenced? 

If you are interested in hiring an immigration lawyer to represent you in a particular immigration matter but you are in doubt whether that lawyer is duly qualified and licensed, you can easily and quickly confirm it by accessing the Law Society of Ontario’s official website. 

Keep in mind that each province has its own licensing and you may confirm another lawyer’s credentials by accessing the applicable licensing body’s website. 

The Law Society of Ontario’s Website

For lawyers practising within Ontario, the Law Society of Ontario’s website will provide the information you need. On the website, you will have to access the lawyer and paralegal directory. Once you have done that, search for the lawyer or paralegal’s name under the name field on that directory. 

The website will provide details confirming whether the person searched is a licensed lawyer. It will also provide the name of the firm under which they practice or street address among other details that may be available on the website for a specific person. This is a critical step for any person who wants to verify whether a lawyer is actually licensed to represent them. 

Are Outcomes For Immigration Applications Guaranteed? 

Having verified your lawyer’s credentials, bear in mind that no lawyer or consultant is able to guarantee you an outcome when presented with a Canadian immigration application. If any person ever guarantees or assures you of what the outcome of your application is going to be, then that is a dishonest representation. 

As a matter of fact, final decisions on immigration matters are ultimately made by the Immigration authorities. A guarantee on the outcome of your application by a representative is a red flag when making a choice on a suitable, qualified and licensed practitioner to represent you in your Canadian immigration matter.

Let Us Help 

If you are looking to hire duly qualified and licensed lawyers in the province of Ontario, feel free to contact us for all your immigration matters. We are always here to serve you. Message us on Facebook or book a FREE 15 minute phone call to learn more about applying to have your work permit extended.


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