How Families Aged Above 35 Years Old Can Move To Canada

by | Dec 19, 2020

Traditionally, Canada’s immigration system favours young, educated and highly skilled persons. However, there are immigration options available for persons who are over the age 35 and who want to move to Canada with their families. 

Canada’s Federally Managed Programs

Generally speaking, Canada’s immigration program is managed by the federal government. In fact, many people who have become Canadian permanent residents have been able to do so by applying under one of the federally managed programs. The most popular federal program is the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker program.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

One of the requirements for you to qualify to apply for the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker program is that you must have accumulated a certain number of points to allow for you to be put into a pool of eligible applicants. This pool of eligible applicants is referred to as the Express Entry pool. 

Every two weeks or so, the Government of Canada usually pulls out the names of the persons with the highest number of points from the Express Entry pool and invites them to apply to become Canadian permanent residents. Under this system, it is the persons who have the highest number of accumulated points who get pulled from the pool. 

Factors Considered Under The Express Entry Pool

Some of the reasons that would affect your accumulation of points are based on certain factors. The factors include your number of years of experience in a particular job type and your level of education. Typically, at least a university degree is required.

The system also takes into consideration your age and your ability and performance on either an English or French language test. Persons who are in the younger age bracket, that is, between the ages of 22  and 34 are likely to benefit more than persons who are 35 years and over. 

Basically, you accumulate points based on these factors.

Alternative Options For Persons Aged Above 35 Years Old

Based on the factors considered under the Express Entry pool, especially the age factor, the federally managed programs are less favourable for a person who is above the age of 35. Therefore, if you 35 or older and you want to move to Canada as a permanent resident with your family, it is advisable to explore the option of immigrating into Canada as a student. 

Studying In Canada

Either you or your spouse may apply at one of the many Canadian colleges or universities for admission into one of their study programs. Ideally, it would be good if you applied for a one year, or even better, two year study program. The advantage of the study option is that your accompanying spouse would then become eligible for an open spousal work permit. 

Open Spousal Work Permit

This permit will allow your spouse who is going to be accompanying you to Canada to work with any employer anywhere in Canada for the duration of time that you are going to be studying on your study permit. 

Post-graduate Work Permit

After completing your studies in Canada, you then become eligible for a post-graduate work permit. A post-graduate work permit would allow you to work in Canada after your studies. As a holder of this permit, your spouse would also be eligible to apply for a spousal work permit. 

In addition, your children would be eligible to study in Canada, more so, if they are going to be under the age of 18 years during this period. Canada’s immigration laws allow for eligible work permit holders’ children under the age of 18 years to attend school at no extra cost. However, such children should not be attending school at the college or university level. 

The study permit option is therefore a much more viable option for persons whose age would otherwise be a hindrance in allowing them to become Canadian permanent residents under the federally managed programs. 

Let Us Help

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