Four Common Refusal Reasons for Express entry

by | Apr 9, 2020

One of the most common reasons why Canadian permanent residency applications are refused is the fact that the work history that has been provided by the applicant is incomplete. It is important that you give a full history of everywhere you’ve worked, including the duties you’ve performed, because that’s going to be a critical element during any assessment being done by the immigration officers. Therefore, the absence of information on the jobs you’ve held, the places you worked, the job duties you’ve performed, the national occupational classification code (NOC code), all of that is important.

And the absence of that from your employment history will likely lead to refusal of your Canadian permanent residency application. So that’s one of the common refusal reasons.

Incomplete personal history

Another common refusal reason is there’s some time mistake in the outlining of the applicant’s personal history. Now, when you’re detailing your personal history, you must be certain to include everything that’s likely to be material to your application. In other words, everything that could potentially impact your application and everything that’s required to be included. For instance, if you or your immediate family members suffer from any serious medical illnesses, there would be questions in the application that would require you to share that information.

If you forget to include that information, then it’s likely that that could come back to haunt you and lead to a refusal of your application and to potentially may even lead to you being unable to apply again. For instance, if issues such as misrepresentation were to come up, it could impact your ability to apply again in the near future. So that’s the second common reason that is given or that results in the refusal of permanent residency applications.

Mistake by the Immigration Officer

A third reason and a common reason is mistakes on the part of the immigration officer. Officers are human beings. They have high file volumes and do make mistakes. We have firsthand experience of officers coming back with a follow-up questions or refusing an application on the basis that a document was absent or a document was not provided when in truth and in fact that document was provided. Having a lawyer who’s going to anticipate some issues and who’s going to advocate on your behalf when an officer makes a wrong decision will be an important part of the application process.

Not Having a Submission Letter

The fourth common reason for the refusal of PR applications through express entry is the absence of a cover letter. And a cover letter is really a letter from a lawyer outlining the legal arguments – the legal basis for your application, and anticipates any potential questions that an officer might may raise. If there were an issue or having to do with medical matter or a criminal matter or any other issue that could potentially impact your application, having a cover letter with legal arguments is going to be important in helping to avoid your application being refused and falling into this common refusal category.

Be sure to contact us to help you with your Canadian permanent residency application and to avoid these common refusal reasons.

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