Canadian Immigration Law Update: Canada To Admit A Significant Number of Immigrants Starting 2021

by | Dec 3, 2020

The Government of Canada has announced big plans to significantly increase the number of immigrants who will be allowed into Canada over the next three years starting in 2021. 

Why The Significant Increase?

The Government has made this announcement because it recognizes the negative impact that the Covid 19 pandemic has had on Canada’s economy. It recognizes the very important role that immigration plays in sustaining Canada’s strong economy. 

The Toronto Star has reported that the government plans record levels of immigration over the next three years out of recognition of the challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. This move is aimed at addressing some of the economic concerns through immigration incentives. 

The fact that the Covid 19 pandemic has had adverse impacts on Canadian immigration means it has also inevitably impacted Canada’s economy. For instance, Canadian learning institutions, colleges and universities are not benefiting much from the international tuition fees during this period, a situation that had a ripple effect across Canada’s economy. 

Additionally, Canada’s various real estate markets have also been unfavourably affected because there are less immigrants moving to Canada and purchasing properties inside Canada. Therefore, the Government recognizes that an increase in the number of immigrants allowed into Canada would be a crucial step towards improving and rebuilding Canada’s economy.

Expected Number of Immigrants

Specifically, the Government of Canada plans to increase the number of immigrants coming into Canada in 2021 to 400,000. In 2022, the number will further be increased up to 411,000 immigrants and in 2023 it will be increased to 421,000 immigrants. 

In other words, over the next three years, Canada is going to be looking at a total intake of more than 1 million newly admitted immigrants. This is a significant number especially because in 2019, which was a record year, the Canadian Government admitted 341,000 immigrants, achieving its highest level of immigration admissions.

Hence, there is going to be an exceptional number of new persons who will be admitted into Canada come 2021. Persons will be admitted under the different immigration programs available. It could be permanent residency under the Express Entry program or through family reunifications. It could also be through refugee status applications among others. 

Whichever the immigration program, this announcement is fantastic news to many people looking to immigrate into Canada. 

Let Us Help

If you are looking to move to Canada, this is the ideal time to start putting your application together. We are here to help you deal with all of the complicated legal immigration processes. Should you need any assistance with your permanent or temporary residency applications, please feel free to contact us. 

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