Available Options For Jamaicans Who Want To Immigrate To Canada

by | Jan 18, 2021

There are different channels through which persons who are from Jamaica may move to Canada. Jamaicans actually make up a significant percentage of the population of people who live in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. 

Canada’s Federally Managed Programs

First, one of the main means through which people become Canadian permanent residents is by applying under one of the federally managed programs, that is, programs that are managed by the federal government. 

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The federal government has an immigration program that allows persons to become Canadian permanent residents by applying directly from their home countries. One of these programs is known as the Federal Skilled Worker Program. 

This program targets professionals, generally, people who have a college degree or who are in professional type jobs for instance, registered nurses, IT personnel, teachers, or people in the finance industry among others. Those kinds of professionals are able to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Separately, there is yet another program that would allow a person from Jamaica to apply directly to become a Canadian permanent resident. This program is known as the Federal Skilled Trades Program. It targets people who are specialists in certain types of hands-on trades such as electricians, carpenters among others. Generally speaking, those are some of the channels that allow persons immigrating from Jamaica to become Canadian permanent residents.

Farm And Food Processing Industry Workers

A more recent channel that has been implemented by the federal government that allows for Canadian permanent residency is one that is targeted at farm workers and people in the general food processing industry. 

There are many Jamaicans who move to Canada as farm workers. This program is intended to assist those farm workers, who are in Canada on work programs that extend beyond one year and not the ones who are on the intermittent eight months program, to apply for Canadian permanent residency. Those persons are able to apply for Canadian permanent residency after working in Canada for one year as a farm worker.

Temporary Residence Options

Outside the options available for you to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident, there are other options available, albeit as a temporary resident. 

Available Options For Jamaicans Who Want To Immigrate To CanadaStudent Permit – Another alternative option is immigrating to Canada as a student. Many people who are, today, Canadian permanent residents did so by first immigrating to Canada as students. You also have the option of applying to a Canadian designated learning institution, getting a study permit, and then immigrating to Canada, along with your family. This option allows your partner or spouse to accompany you on an open spousal work permit, which allows them to work while you are studying. 

After completing your studies, you are then able to apply for a post-graduate work permit that allows you to work for up to three years in Canada. It also allows your partner or spouse to be able to work in Canada as well. With this option, it is also possible to immigrate with your children, who will be able to study at Canadian institutions. 

Work Permit- There is also the option of immigrating to Canada on a work permit. Immigration to Canada on a work permit as a worker is a good option, which after working for a year, allows you to apply for your permanent residency.

Let Us Help

There are several channels if you wish to immigrate from Jamaica to Canada. We are available to take you through the most suitable options for you and help you put together your residency application to allow you to immigrate to Canada.

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