No Biometrics Needed For Certain Immigration Applications If You’re Already In Canada

by | Sep 20, 2020

One of the requirements for persons who are wanting to move to Canada temporarily or as permanent residents is that they must complete biometrics. Biometrics simply have to do with a person getting their fingerprints and photograph taken. 

Generally speaking, the requirement for biometrics becomes necessary when filing immigration applications. Once a person files an application, they get issued a letter with instructions for them to go to a designated location inside Canada (usually a Service Canada location)  or a location in their home country to get their biometrics taken. 

A person’s application gets finalized after biometrics have been taken and provided to the Canadian immigration authorities. This has been the standard approach. 

Closure Of Biometrics Collection Centers Post Covid-19

Due to the challenges that have been brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic, Canada’s immigration services have had to close their biometrics collection centers inside Canada and around the world. On this, no biometrics needed for certain immigration applications if you’re already in Canada.

This has impacted persons who have filed applications or those who want to file applications. Applicants have encountered significant delay because of the inability to get their biometrics done. 

Amendment of Canadian Immigration Rules Relating to Biometrics 

There has been a change in the requirement for biometrics due to the challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. This is good news for people who are already in Canada since the change particularly impacts them.

Canada’s immigration authorities have recently amended the rules for temporary residents who are already inside Canada, but who are currently awaiting their biometrics or unable to get their biometrics taken. Those persons are now able to get their applications finalized without having to complete their biometrics.

Therefore, if you are in Canada and you are applying to extend your status or applying for a work permit or study permit extension, and you had not previously done your biometrics, you are now able to go ahead and have that application finalized without the biometrics. This is great news for persons who are already in Canada but have not done biometrics. 

 Validity of Biometrics

It is important to note that biometrics are typically good for a 10 year period. Therefore, persons who had done biometrics a year or two before have nothing to worry about. 

This change specifically makes applications easier for those temporary residents who are already in Canada and who had not previously completed their biometrics. 

The biometrics program is relatively new to Canada, hence, there are people who would be temporarily working or living in Canada and who had not been required previously to submit biometrics. This would have been prior to the changes introduced requiring biometrics. 

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